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September 24th 2013: 

It has taken me 45 years and 5 countries (India>UK>Sweden>Japan>India>Germany>Sweden) to go from an engineering apprentice to university researcher to technology developer to salesman to corporate executive to author to get to this blog.

I think I have by now grown out of the constraints of being politically correct. My posts reflect whatever is uppermost in my mind but mainly connected with behaviour, development, energy, climate, environment, evolution and electric power. 
Email me at ktwop.info@gmail.com  

I try to deal with my interests in anthropology and archaeology and the evolution and expansion of modern humans at my other blog: 6,000 Generations  


My book Essence of a Manager  is published by Springer and is about the behaviour of managers.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Microbial reproduction: Plagiarism from Wikipedia, elsewhere leads to retraction of biotech paper « Retraction Watch Says:

    […] 10:30 a.m. Eastern, 10/6/10: Thanks to a comment below from ktwop, aka Krishna Pillai, we’ve learned that Biotechnology Advances has recently retracted two […]

  2. frizztext Says:

    I like your informations – and your free thinking …

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