US: Polar bears are “threatened” but not “endangered”

Polar Bear (Sow And Cub), Arctic National Wild...

Polar Bear (Sow And Cub), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska: Image via Wikipedia

In spite of a great deal of PR from alarmist and global warming lobbies in the past week, the US has decided not to change the status of polar bears from “threatened” to “endangered”.

From the Washington Post:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told a U.S. District Court judge Wednesday that the threatened designation will not change because polar bears were not considered to be in danger of extinction at the time of the listing in 2008.

“The Service explained how its biologists had concluded in 2008 that the polar bear was not facing sudden and catastrophic threats [and] was still a widespread species that had not been restricted to a critically small range or critically low numbers,” the agency said in a statement.

Kassie Siegel, director of the Climate Law Institute at the Center for Biological Diversity, called the administration’s decision “a huge disappointment.” Arctic ice, the bears’ hunting ground, is melting and bears are starving to death, she said.

“It’s a wasted opportunity to do the right thing,” Siegel said. “The government’s own studies show about an 80 percent chance of extinction of two-thirds of the world’s polar bears in the next 40 years.”

AS WUWT reports

Some enironmentalists heads are exploding right about now. This pretty well slams the door on the polar bears threatened by global warming meme. Now we know why there was a flurry of questionable press releases this past week like these:

Polar bears no longer on ‘thin ice’: researchers say polar bears could face brighter future: a combination of greenhouse gas mitigation and control of adverse human activities in the Arctic can lead to a more promising future for polar bear populations and their sea ice habitat

Polar bears: On thin ice? Extinction can be averted, scientists say
Cutting greenhouse gases now is the key

Polar bears still on thin ice, but cutting greenhouse gases now can avert extinction

or as the BBC puts it

Polar bears not endangered, US confirms

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