Autism activism vs. Big Pharma: A plague on both your houses

I do not know for sure but it seems likely that there is no strong link between autism and the MMR vaccine.

But the British Medical Journal which has now accused Dr. Wakefield of deliberate fraud with regard to his paper in the Lancet making the link does not cover itself with any glory. It only begs the question as to what standards they actually do have.

The “vaccination industry” promoted by Big Pharma also does not inspire much confidence that anything other than the bottom line is their primary concern. As was seen in the H1N1 vaccination circus, the beneficial links between the medical establishment (WHO) and vaccine manufacturers is widely prevalent and highly suspect. Parasitic lawyers who also have a vested interest in “proving” the link between autism and anything which could help their litigation do not impress either.

Dr Andrew Wakefield

Dr Andrew Wakefield, whose research claimed a link between MMR vaccinations and autism, denies inventing data. (Reuters: Luke MacGregor)

Dr Wakefield now accuses Big Pharma (including Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries) and the journalist Brian Deer of running a smear campaign against him. That may well be so but it does not justify his payments of some £400,000 from lawyers pursuing autism litigation. Whether his book is actually to defend his work or has some other motive is highly unclear.

Dr. Wakefield, British Medical Journal, Brian Deer, Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries, The Lancet —-

A Plague on all your houses!


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One Response to “Autism activism vs. Big Pharma: A plague on both your houses”

  1. Michael Polidori Says:

    The long deliberately drawn out persecution of Dr Wakefield is the fraud. The drug industries have made a well publicized example of Dr Wakefield to anyone who might think of linking autism to vaccines.

    Dr Wakefield’s 1998 paper was co-authored by 12 others. Contrary to media accounts none of the authors retracted the paper or disassociated themselves from it. Another fraud perpetrated by the drug industry. All anyone has to do is read the “retraction of an interpretation” to CLEARLY see what the 10 authors intended.

    If you want the full story of vaccines and autism, of which MMR is only a small part, I can supply most of it. If you have specific questions about any of the parts of this story I can supply the answers, with links, with references, with the truth…

    It is long, sordid and fraught with lies deceptions deflections bad science manipulated studies and children who are continuing to be injured by vaccines and denied proper compensation.

    Michael Polidori

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