Surprise! 99.8% of Britishers on the Falklands wish to stay British!!

While there seems to be very little merit in the Argentine claim to the Falkland Islands (they didn’t discover the islands, they didn’t settle there permanently and they haven’t invested there), the results of the vote by the Falklanders showing that 99.8% wish to remain British is little more than an exercise in packaging.

The numbers for the referendum are interesting:

  • Population – 2841
  • Registered voters – 1649
  • Turnout 92%
  • Votes counted 1517 (excluding 1 spoiled vote)
  • Votes for 1514 (99.8%)
  • Votes against 3

But this reminds me of a Sales Manager I once worked for who managed to convince his new bosses during his annual performance review that he was due a massive bonus because he had achieved a “100% market share of his market”.  He taught me a great deal about what “selling” was all about!

But there is no denying that 99.8% of Britsishers on the Falklands wish to stay British.

I don’t suppose it would be very difficult to identify the 3 people who voted against.

(Alex Salmond should learn his lesson for the referendum on Scottish independence due in the autumn of 2014. As of now only some 20% of the expected electorate are likely to support him in breaking away from the UK and having to reapply to the EU for membership. If he can just make sure that non-permanent residents (say people with less than 3 or 5 generations born in Scotland) and those who have the majority of their assets outside Scotland don’t get to vote, he could  get a much larger market share of his market. He does not stand much chance unless he manages  – more by crook than by hook – to restrict the vote to just his supporters and even if he does – he still won’t win.)

Of course the real interest in “owning” the Falklands – for Argentina and for Britain – is the proximity to Antarctica, the basis it provides for territorial claims and the access it ensures. Territorial claims in  Antarctica have been frozen since 1961 till when 7 nations had registered claims. Currently the entire Argentinian claim falls within the British Antarctic Territory and it must be terribly frustrating for Argentina to find the UK leveraging its ownership of the Falklands all the way to the South Pole.

Antarctic territorial claims(graphic -

Antarctic territorial claims
(graphic –

falklands and antarctica (BBC)

falklands and antarctica (BBC)

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4 Responses to “Surprise! 99.8% of Britishers on the Falklands wish to stay British!!”

  1. kelvingrove2013 Says:

    I am struggling to see any correlation between the vote of those inhabitants of the Falklands and the future referendum on Scotland becoming an independent country.

    • ktwop Says:

      Choose your electorate carefully and you can get the answer you want!!

      • kelvingrove2013 Says:

        The electorate and question for the referendum in Scotland have been decided

      • ktwop Says:

        I had understood that the enabling legislation is still to pass in the Scottish Parliament. The “6th Referendum (Scotland) Bill” I think is still in committee and the “Scottish Independence Referendum (Franchise) Bill” is still taking evidence. The first, I believe, will finally (i.e. by Act of Parliament) fix the question and the second the electorate (voting age).
        But I might have misunderstood?
        But I guess my real point is that the really skillful politicians are the ones who ensure that referenda are engineered to give the desired result. And very often a referendum is just to keep an electoral promise. I have a sneaking suspicion that many in the SNP would actually like the “answer” to be against independence but of course they could never publicly say so.— ktwop

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