The Guardian employs disgraced Chris Huhne in an alliance of mutual discredit

I just heard an interview with disgraced former UK Minister and philanderer, Chris Huhne on the BBC.

Apparently The Guardian likes his position of attacking the Murdoch Press for his arrest but he did stop short of blaming them for his transgressions. He is going to have a weekly column in The Guardian  – which seems to be an alliance of mutual discredit.

I am probably hoping in vain that he will not be writing about energy or the environment – both areas where his ignorance, incompetence and transgressions dwarf his marital infidelities.

But on second thoughts perhaps this is not such a bad thing. He should be pretty good at damaging his espoused causes.

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2 Responses to “The Guardian employs disgraced Chris Huhne in an alliance of mutual discredit”

  1. Tony Cleasby Says:

    Why on earth does the media continue to give a forum to disgraced individuals who have fled or have been forced out of public office? I NO LONGER have any interest in the thoughts or expressions of people who have proven themselves to be liars or who have cheated the pubic purse.( Chris Huhne is the latest of this tribe to present his ideas on the BBC. I also learn that he has also been given a column in ‘The Gaurdian’.)

  2. Judith Bennett Says:

    I feel so angry that the Guardian has ‘given’ the very nasty Huhne a weekly column that I have started a petition on the 38 degrees web site asking that he be sacked forthwith. More help please.

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