Measuring success in Afghanistan

Land being used for opium cultivation has risen from less than 100,000 hectares before the war in 2001 to about 225,000 hectares this year!

Opium cultivation in Afghanistan

Opium cultivation in Afghanistan


Cultivation of opium poppies in Afghanistan has hit new records this year as Nato pulls out combat troops. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said opium production was up by 17% since last year. Its Afghan Opium Survey 2014 said the area under poppy cultivation had risen by 7% to cover 224,000 hectares.

UNODC head Yury Fedotov warned there was a serious risk Afghanistan could become a narco-state, following the withdrawal of foreign forces.

Most poppies are still grown in southern Helmand province, where British troops were stationed until October.


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