IKEA murder suspect a rejected asylum seeker from Eritrea

Sometimes, it seems, misguided, institutional obsessions with “human rights” leads to common sense being abandoned. Surely it cannot be that the freedom to behave irrationally and kill people is considered a “human right”?

  • Why would an “asylum seeker” whose application had been rejected and who had been served with a deportation order be expected to behave in a rational manner?
  • Why would a person with a high risk of behaving in an irrational manner be quite free to wander into an IKEA store, pick up some knives and kill two quite unrelated, innocent people?

The Local:

Monday’s attack saw a mother and her adult son stabbed to death at a store in the central town of Västerås, with police arresting two Eritrean asylum seekers. One of the suspects, a 35-year-old man, was found at the scene with serious knife injuries while the second, aged 23, was waiting at a bus stop outside Ikea.

According to Aftonbladet’s website, the images appear to show that the perpetrator was the injured Eritrean who was evacuated to hospital in critical condition. The footage shows a man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section “several seconds before the murder”, then attacking the two shoppers, a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son, the paper said. “The attack ends when the alleged murderer stabs himself in the stomach,” it said.

…….. Swedish media reports said on Wednesday that the injured man had been handed a deportation order which would have returned him to Italy. The day before the attack he had met with immigration officials in Västerås to discuss his case, the reports said.

It is not clear what role the second man arrested played.

What were they thinking? Presumably the prime suspect had a right to appeal the deportation decision. Would it really have been an infringement of his human rights to curtail his freedom to behave irrationally?


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