TIF 1- Djurgården 5

TIFOur local football team, Torstorps IF plays in one of the two sections of Division 4 in the county of Östergotland. In their own league table they are running second. They had the good fortune this year to have have been allotted a match, at home, in the 2nd round of the Swedish Football cup, against mighty Djurgården. (That’s like a village team being drawn against Man U in the FA Cup). Local crowd records were broken easily and when I arrived I only got a seat  among the Djurgården crowd for the first half. The discussion around me was whether they were going to win by 6 or by 12.

TIF is just a little club by most standards but has been going for 80 years. The Finspång municipality only has a population of some 25,000 but Torstorp still manages to run 15 teams, of which 10 are children’s teams (including two girls teams), one junior team, one youth team and the A team. It was a lovely day in bright sunshine and virtually all Finspång children were there. There were many more matches going on off the pitch than on it. Hot dogs and burgers ran out.


20150820 Atlaslunden

In the event the team did us proud.

Djurgården did not even manage to get 6.


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