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Marc Hauser actively manipulated data

May 30, 2014

Marc Hauser (et al including Chomsky) is back on language evolution

May 1, 2014

Marc Hauser publishes on “Evil”

September 27, 2013

Marc Hauser makes his comeback with “brain-training” for at-risk children

June 4, 2013

ORI finds misconduct by Marc Hauser in 4 NIH grants

September 6, 2012

Data fabrication by Hauser and Stapel strengthen the view that psychology is no science

December 23, 2011

Marc Hauser now accused of “theft of ideas”

October 21, 2011

Harvard criticised for being too lenient with Hauser

September 1, 2011

Marc Hauser’s lobbyists get to work but only end up excusing scientific misconduct

August 9, 2011

Hausergate: Marc Hauser will resign from Harvard

July 24, 2011