The Precautionary Principle is a fraud

It is primarily a political device and has little to do with science.

The closing of air space in Northern Europe and the massive disruption to travellers is totally unnecessary and is justified on the grounds of the precautionary principle. But it defies common sense. Eurocontrol rules are being applied blindly without using any common sense.

Swine flu vaccinations were imposed under the guise of the precautionary principle, but were unnecessary and, it now appears, promoted by the manufacturers of flu vaccines.

The banning of ordinary filament light bulbs and the imposition of the so-called low energy lamps is another misuse of the precautionary principle (and in this case a pandering to a particular industrial lobby under the guise of being environmentally friendly)

The entire Y2K and global warming circuses were other examples.

As Daniel Henninger notes the precautionary principle is damaging the credibility of science.

It is claimed in its defence that it is common sense but, of course it is not.

Common sense does not need the cloak of being labelled a “precautionary principle”. It is what allows politicians and politically motivated scientists to stop or do what is otherwise unjustifiable in the name of common sense.

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