Hausergate: When did Hauser start making it up?

By all accounts Marc Hauser has been falsifying data at least since 1995.

Harvard probe kept under wraps

He joined Harvard in 1992 and the first known data falsification was in 1995, so Harvard colleagues and associates could not have been unaware of his creative use of data. All the journals which published his papers since 1995 and all his peers and reviewers must also have been aware of his fertile imagination. It could just be gullibility or it could be incompetence but they can have few other excuses.
Their silence is telling.
But when did his creativity start?

All his work must now be suspect. From his PhD in 1987 from UCLA, and through to his post-doctoral “work” at Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the University of California, Davis and at Rockefeller University, and all his production at Harvard, the presumption must be of  exaggerations (which is probably how it started) and falsification.

The magnitude of his fraud must encompass at least his salary and grants ever since he joined Harvard.

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3 Responses to “Hausergate: When did Hauser start making it up?”

  1. Harvard President says Hauser could lose tenure « The k2p blog Says:

    […] But they forget that his nonsense started at least as long ago as 1995. One wonders whether Hauser’s defenders are part of a concerted damage control exercise. Methinks they do protest too much. […]

  2. Marc Hauser’s apologists are getting organised « The k2p blog Says:

    […] But it seems to me to be conveniently forgotten that he has already been found guilty – on eight counts just at Harvard. The onus of proof has shifted. The assumption must now be of guilt  – not of innocence. His work dating at least back to 1995 is suspect. […]

  3. Why cannot a concept of tort or “product liability”apply to scientists? « The k2p blog Says:

    […] a Harvard University investigation found its high-profile Professor Marc Hauser guilty of 8 counts of …and sent him on a year’s “book leave” and he will resume his activities next year. […]

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