Commonwealth Games and the “last minute fix”

CWG 2010 New Delhi

The adjectives being used a week ago were a public relations disaster for India:

“filthy, unlivable, uninhabitable, unhygenic, rampant corruption, chaotic, unfinished, disease-prone, dengue, terrorism risk …”

Even allowing for the fact that all projects in India believe implicitly in the “last minute fix”, the situation was desperate. Athletes were pulling out, some countries were considering pulling out of the games entirely, politicians and administrators were busy positioning themselves, pointing fingers at others and all denying any personal involvement in the corruption. The Australian  national pastime of India-bashing was having a field day.

The view today – just one day away from the opening of the Games – is slightly more optimistic. Athletes are living in the Games village and are finding it quite good if not salubrious- Australian athletes included (though many of the “softer” and less adventurous athletes from the UK have opted for 5-star hotels).

Sydney Morning Herald: Australian athletes have hit the Twittersphere to give the thumbs up to their accommodation and security in New Delhi ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Toronto Star: New Delhi ready for Commonwealth Games, athletes say

A major fiasco is less likely than a week ago but this is India where everything is possible and anything can be impossible.

IG Stadium

More than 5,800 athletes and officials have already arrived in Delhi. With more arrivals scheduled in the coming days, to reach 6,700, Delhi 2010 is well on the way to becoming the biggest in history. The 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games saw the participation of 5,766 athletes and officials. The adjectives being used have changed to be “comfortable, satisfactory, acceptable…..”

My fingers are crossed and hope it is a great games  for all.

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