Gaddafi Jr.’s PhD thesis from LSE being examined for plagiarism

After the success of the on-line analysis of Guttenberg’s PhD thesis from Bayreuth University which proved that more than two-thirds of the pages had plagiarised content, the suspect thesis of Gadaffi Jr. from the LSE is also being examined on line here.

It would probably be a good idea for LSE to apply some plagiarism software and get ahead of the curve.

From Wikipedia:

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics in 2008. Through the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, Saif subsequently pledged a donation of £1.5 million to support the work of the LSE’s Centre for the Study of Global Governance on civil society organizations in North Africa. Following the political uprising in Libya in February 2011, the LSE has issued a statement indicating that it will cut all financial ties with the country and will accept no further money from the Foundation, having already received and spent the first £300,000 installment of the donation.

Saif’s Ph.D. thesis has been made available online and commentators have already identified several passages which appear to have been copied from other sources without attribution. There is speculation that the thesis was plagiarized and/or ghostwritten by another individual.

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

Analysis of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi’s LSE Thesis:


In the Guttenberg case, Bayreuth University has now rescinded his PhD in an investigation which lasted less than a week. As Professor Debora Weber-Wulff points out this must be the fastest ever decision by a German University in over 400 years!!

Well, this has to be a record. I believe this is the shortest university decision process in the last 400 years or so. Last Tuesday evening the story broke, just over a week later the university commission for good scientific work at the University of Bayreuth reached a decision. They are rescinding his doctorate.

They didn’t go into details, and most important, didn’t decide if he plagiarized on purpose. He says he didn’t, the documentation found on the GuttenPlagWiki screams a different story. Since he has announced that he wanted to withdraw his doctorate anyway, he won’t contest it, so they don’t have to do the normal detailed analysis.


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  1. Gaddafi’s children are a motley – but dangerous – lot « The k2p blog Says:

    […] Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, an architect, is the eldest son with the Libyan leader’s second marriage. He graduated from al-Fateh University in Tripoli in 1994. Saif al-Islam is most known for his chairmanship of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF).  According to WikiLeaks, Saif al-Islam’s role as the spokesman of the Libyan regime has been both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because it strengthened his position in the West and a curse because it made Libyans consider him a subordinate of foreign countries. He was also criticized by conservatives for his love of women and partying. Saif al-Islam is not on good terms with his brothers Mutassim, Hannibal, al-Saadi and his sister Ayesha.He was awarded a PHD by the LSE but his  PhD thesis is suspected to contain plagiarised material and may have been partially or wholly ghost… […]

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