Future history for the next 2 weeks

Blogging will be light for the next two weeks as I shall be travelling (attending my son’s graduation). So let me write my future history now!!

I expect during these two weeks that:

  1. Victor Muller will continue his charlatan games with Saab. He has been an amazing gatherer of funds but none of his companies have ever made a profit though he personally has made a little fortune. One month ago I wrote:  “It seems clear that Victor Muller will drive SAAB to the verge of bankruptcy to ensure that Vladimir Antonov can be seen as a rescuing angel and allowed in as SAAB’s owner.” This game will continue.
  2. Nothing to do with Teacher Wang  and entirely to do with solar events, I expect there will be a major earthquake or significant volcanic activity somewhere on the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire”. Hopefully it will not be near a heavily populated region and will not cause too many casualties.
  3. The stresses and strains on the European Union will continue. In addition to the potential fracturing of the Euro currency pact, the small cracks  in the Schengen agreement and the reintroduction of passport controls will expand with other countries joining Denmark. Political and economic union between the diversity of behaviour between the profligate South and the more disciplined North of Europe is much too premature. It is still – I think – a desirable and eventually beneficial goal but the expansion of the EU has gone much too fast and – for now – the diversity of behaviour is still too large.  The convergence of behaviour cannot be forced. Behaviour ultimately depends on values and values have to be lived rather than imposed.
  4. The Global Warming Doctrine will continue to be discredited and the stupidity and greed represented by the demonisation of carbon dioxide will become  increasingly apparent.
  5. The stalemate in Libya will break and the Gaddafi end-game – which has been suspended – will resume. I expect “negotiations” for his exit to gather pace. The euphoria in Tunisia and Egypt will further die down and the differences between the many political views will surface and become stridently – if not violently – obvious. But the Arab spring will be put on hold and will not continue through the summer. But it is now irreversible and will reappear in other countries through the autumn.
And now it is time to pack.

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  1. frizztext Says:

    and what about armed drone activities in Pakistan?
    no matter, enjoy your son’s graduation!

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