Rossi and his cold fusion E-Cat still smells like a fraud

Rossi & Co. announced their nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor back in January and have made regular press releases since then to keep the interest alive. They seem to have gathered a tail of staunch believers and, of course, there is a large body of dis-believers and a smaller group of sceptics.

But they are getting some attention even in business media as with this Forbes article:

On October 28th the biggest test of Rossi’s system, which is called the E-Cat, was conducted in Italy and some results were made public ….. Rossi’s E-Cat is claimed to use a secret catalyst to react hydrogen with nickel and, in the process, transmute the nickel into copper producing considerable heat. Whether this reaction works or not and if it does, exactly how it works, has been enormously contentious and the subject of numerous learned and amateur debates.

Rossi has previously conducted several demonstrations of the E-Cat and the publicly revealed results have done little to convince the skeptics but have driven the “Believers” into a frenzy of support…. 

I really hope the E-Cat works as claimed but I want to see proof; real, verifiable, scientifically valid proof.

Many of those who argue that the E-Cat is flat out impossible and that the whole thing is a mistake at best or a fraud at worst are serious scientists and, you have to admit, they have a point; how could something like the E-Cat work in defiance of known science?

Even so, to be completely dismissive of Rossi’s claims would seem to be foolish as it is one thing to *believe* something is false based on your assumptions and quite another to be able to *prove* beyond a reasonable doubt that it is false. ….

It smelt like a fraud back in January and it still smells like a fraud though it remains to be seen how the money-flows will develop. The University of Bologna and Emeritus Professor Sergio Focardi may have some explaining to do. For Rossi himself it will be just another scam to add to a long list of scams which have even put him in prison for some time.

And if the E-cat does work and is going to cost $2000/kW it will still be cheaper to build coal, gas, nuclear or hydro power plants. But it could be cheaper than wind or solar power!

Update – Just found that Rossi’s degree in Chemical Engineering was obtained in 1979 from an unaccredited Kensington University California which

has no classrooms, laboratories or dorms. Its students don’t play football, join fraternities or linger dreamily on a quadrangle. In fact, the entire campus is housed in a small Glendale office building. Recruiting from across the nation, the school runs a program in which students studying entirely at home can earn anything from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate–all without ever attending a single class or even meeting their instructors face to face.

Rossi’s history screams fraud: A website promoting the E-Cat has this to say about Rossi’s prison sentences!!

In the past 17 years, Rossi has been in 56 trials, forcing him into deep debt because of the financial disaster, and it is still not completely paid off.

Of all 56 prosecutions, the ones which led to imprisonment ended with acquittals; only 5 of the prosecutions for tax crime ended with convictions (with some custody imprisonments). All of the other prosecutions ended with acquittal or for statute of limitation. The same Petroldragon and Omar customers, even those who suffered factory seizures or prosecutions because of involvement with Rossi’s companies, testified as witnesses in favor of the defendant.

Despite the acquittals and despite having fulfilled the promises about the production processes, the industrial activity was inexorably compromised and nothing could be done to recover the situation.

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2 Responses to “Rossi and his cold fusion E-Cat still smells like a fraud”

  1. Michael Amplatz (@MichaelAmplatz) Says:

    I think it’s a hoax Technically very simple, just mix 2 H2 with 1 O2. H2 is very efficient and can simply output the amount of energy claimed to be produced within some hours in form of warm water, with no other emissions than water.

    So H2 is not only officially used by his machine (“together with Nickle” *lol*), but also filled with much more energy per mass than lead-battery, Li-Ion Accumulator, gazoline or even Diesel.

  2. karimaki Says:

    Rossi has invented a money growing tree. His E-cat pages are so frequently browsed that business firms have found them a very good place for advertising. The ads appear like a landslide and Rossi collects the fees.

    It is his interest to go on with the fraud as long as it is possible.

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