Climategate 2.0: What’s in the encrypted 200,000 emails?

While I have been travelling over the last week, the IPCC Durban circus has been performing to dwindling audiences.

The Climategate 1 and 2 emails that have been released so far (about 1,000 + 5,000) are focused mainly on a 3-way nexus between a group of rather mediocre scientists, a few willing (and gullible) reporters and some of the bureaucrats/politicians who have seized on the advantages of fear-mongering.

The mediocrity of the so-called climate scientists is palpable. Michael Mann leaves out data whwnever he feels like it, Phil Jones can’t fathom the intricacies of an Excel table,  Tom Wigley (appropriate name) tries to get the PhD’s of his opponents retracted, etc …….. . And all for “The Cause”.

We have seen the blatant lobbying activities of Harrabin and Revkin undermine the reputation of the BBC and the New York Times. At least George Monbiot does not pretend to be anything other than a lobbyist. Harrabin’s pompous defence of his blinkered view is particularly nauseating.

Now we find that the IPCC itself was not averse to falsifying data when it felt the message needed strengthening.

The Global warming fraternity have been busy defending themselves, denying that what they have been engaged in has been bad science or bad journalism. But the politicians and bureaucrats have escaped scrutiny — at least so far.

But there are 200,000 further emails waiting to be un-encrypted by the release of a decrypting phrase  (the emails themselves have already been released). And some bureaucrats, some IPCC functionaries, some carbon trading entrepreneurs  and some amoral, fear-mongering politicians have to wait their turn.

But they will probably not have to wait very long!!!!


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