Indian Institute of Management Professor found guilty of plagiarism – blames co-author, goes to court

It seems to be becoming the standard defence for senior authors in Indian academia to blame their juniors when found guilty of plagiarism. The recent case of plagiarism by Prof. CNR Rao (Science Advisor to the Indian PM) and Prof. SB Krupanidhi of the Indian Institute of Science where they took refuge first in blaming a student and then in trying to trivialise the plagiarism is a case in point.

Now a Professor Rajanish Dass at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad has blamed his co-author, Sujoy Pal (a research associate) for the plagiarism he was found guilty of. Dass has claimed that it was due to “ignorance and not intention” and has gone to the Gujarat High Court to try and delay the inevitable. Ironically Dass claims to be working on e-governance!

Students and research associates rank very low in the hierarchy of Indian academia and are convenient scapegoats for senior scientists and professors when they try to shrug off their responsibilities for wrong-doings.

Times of India: 

A Gujarat high court ruling on Monday has come as a breather for IIM-A professor Rajanish Dass, who was held guilty of plagiarism in a preliminary inquiry conducted by the institute.

The bench of justices Akil Kureshi and C L Soni directed the institute to come up with a fresh inquiry report after hearing a plea by Dass. The IIM-A on Monday told the court that its inquiry committee would take into account Dass’ response on three documents which he claims the institute’s inquiry committee did not share with him.

Dass teaches Computer And Information Systems Group (CISG) at the coveted institute.

Last year, Dass was accused of indulging in bad writing practices in three academic papers, which were co-authored by other people, as well as a report on UNDP project – ‘ICT for Financial Inclusion’. The two papers were co-authored with his research associate Sujoy Pal and published in 2008 and 2009, while the one on ‘Unique Identification for Indians: A Divine Dream or A Miscalculated Heroism?’ was published in IIM-A’s in-house magazine ‘Vikalpa’ in March last year.

Following accusations, the institute set up a two-member committee comprising professors Errol D’Souza and Tathagata Bandyopadhyay to conduct a preliminary inquiry. On February 3, the committee submitted its report to IIM-A director Samir Barua after considering all material available and responses from people involved in publications. The committee concluded that allegations against Dass were “valid”.

In its report, the committee noted Dass’ claims that his associate Pal had made changes without his knowledge. The later had admitted his mistake.

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7 Responses to “Indian Institute of Management Professor found guilty of plagiarism – blames co-author, goes to court”

  1. Fruad detector Says:

    Comment moderated. ktwop

  2. No No Says:

    Thought of bringing this to your notice as well….

    Interestingly, here the alleged profs have mentioned that the person raising issues have not understood the basics of plagiarism 🙂

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  4. Fruad detector Says:

    Deleted for a/ Unsubstantiated allegations and b/ for “fruad”

  5. IIMA Student Says:

    Prof Rajanish shud come out clean on Sujoy’s case. He is very good in giving projects and term papers @ IIMA. Not sure whether he took our projects and produced papers. It seems he is known for using students work (research associates claim so) and calling them his work. Did not expect he is such a cheap prof. Never i could imagine he did to my classmates

    (rest deleted – unsubstantiated allegations – ktwop)

    !Student @ IIMA_2007_8_Batch_of_RAJANISH

    • Pallavi Says:

      I don’t know who you are….none of my batch mates (btw I’m from IIMA), my seniors or juniors would put their name as IIMA student as you have put. Like many of us, I have also worked with him and came out with joint papers….it has never happened that he has published a paper with out giving credits, co-authoring or acknowledging (as the case has been) while he has worked with any of his students. I would like to know your name and affiliation while you are making such baseless allegations …. (deleted) We from the alumni association of IIMA are planning to take up this issue of maligning Prof. Dass. I will request the blog administrator to please delete such unsubstantiated derogatory comments against a man of honor that Prof. Dass is. I know Sujoy Pal and had worked with him as well. He was a ……(deleted)
      (Note! Some text deleted as being unsubstantiated allegations. Beyond checking that all email addresses exist I cannot tell if any of the commenters are or have been students at IIM-A or of Prof. Dass –ktwop)

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    […] of Management in Ahmedabad had blamed his co-author, Sujoy Pal (a research associate) for the plagiarism he was found guilty of. Dass has claimed that it was due to “ignorance and not intention” and had taken his case to […]

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