“Single currency needs a single government” and a single European government would be a monster

Finally, David Cameron actually voiced what all politicians in Europe know but will not voice publicly. And they will not voice it publicly because a single European Government – in the current state of European politics – would be a many-headed monster – of bureaucracy, of over-represented fanatic fringes, of minority oppression, of waste, of scams and inefficiency.


A successful euro zone requires a single government if it is to work properly, British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a newspaper interview on Wednesday.

“There’s nowhere in the world that has a single currency without having more of a single government,” Cameron told Britain’s Daily Mail.

“Making sense of the euro for me would mean that those euro zone countries would have to have much more co-ordinated economic policy, much more co-ordinated debt policy,” he said. 

Cameron, who opted out of a new European economic pact late last year, advocated Britain’s position outside the euro and its ability “to do things to ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves.

“I have always believed different countries at times will need different economic policies, interest rates tailored to their own needs.”

Cameron said, however, that it is in Britain’s interest to see a return to growth in the euro zone, which accounts for 40 percent of UK exports.

“We want them to sort out the problems that they have. We want to be in the single market, we want European co-operation, we don’t want to be in the euro,” Cameron said.

“The euro is a project in transition that could go in a number of different ways … all these countries have to make their own choices.”

The only way a single European government could actually work would be with a single, dictatorial (but well-meaning) monarch. An Imperial Europe with a benevolent Emperor! A democratic Europe, by definition, would be an amalgamation of a multitude of factions headed in every possible direction. A united and democratic Europe is an untenable contradiction in the current state of affairs and will remain a fantasy for many years to come.

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