Olympics: OBS coverage is amateur and cycling road race graphics were pathetic

Maybe it’s just teething troubles on Day 1, but yesterday’s coverage of the cycling road race was pathetic. Coverage of the boxing was bad and the rowing and swimming graphics were amateur. Their choice of pictures generally from their many cameras managed to miss many of the critical moments.

Olympic Broadcasting Services – OBS – provides all pictures from the Olympics to broadcasters around the world.

Of course, OBS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Olympic Committee and hosts the broadcasting operation for several major sporting events.

The coverage was amateur rather than incompetent – but for the premier sporting event it needs to be at a different level. It certainly cannot get much worse.

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One Response to “Olympics: OBS coverage is amateur and cycling road race graphics were pathetic”

  1. John Says:

    The camerawork by OBS during the olympics 2012 gymnastics is awful.

    Useless low angle and off-centre shots being mixed with other angles and the camera panning *during* the performance – there’s no way we can judge one performance to another without a fixed perspective on each event and *very preferably* either at the height of the performer or slightly above.

    The gymnastics has been ruined by this incompetent camera direction – during the men’s rings they even did a close-up facial shot of the guy *during* the performance – i mean wtf???!!!

    Truly dreadful and sums up what the olympics is really about – cash …

    FIFA and IOC both need to be sidelined, they’re sickening …

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