Momentum for shale gas builds in Europe

The momentum is now growing fast and it is difficult to keep up with the number of parties coming out in favour of the exploitation of shale gas in Europe. However the self-righteousness behind the “environmental correctness” of the European political establishment will not be overcome without a struggle.

France: Bosses demand shale gas rethink:

BUSINESS leaders have signed up to a call to reopen debate on the extraction of shale gas in France. 
The move comes shortly after President Hollande said he will halt exploration during his five-year term and announced refusals of seven oil company applications for drilling permits in the south, because they were thought to be looking for shale gas. …..

UK: IoD: Shale gas could provide 35,000 UK jobs :

The Government is expected to give the green light for more fracking in the UK to access shale reserves within weeks as it publishes a new gas strategy, but energy secretary Ed Davey warned yesterday that it was no “silver bullet”.

The IoD has released a new report on the process this morning which claims there will be an upward revision in the estimate of the size of the UK’s shale gas reserves later this year, up from 5.3 trillion cubic feet. It also suggests there would be “environmental benefits” to using shale gas over coal-fired power plants.

Russia: Gazprom Rethinks Shale as European Gas Prices Sink:

Gazprom has admitted it might yet adjust its attitude towards shale gas, as Russian policy makers assess new dangers to the country’s petro-dollar economy. First, Russia’s Economic Ministry warned that the increasing supply of shale gas on world markets will start hurting Gazprom’s pipeline sales to Europe in 2014. And it seems Gazprom might now be weighing the pros and cons of jumping onto the shale gas bandwagon.

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