EU backs down on its stupid carbon tax for airlines

It was inevitable of course, but the real problem is that the EU is only backing down as a political necessity but continues to maintain its self-righteous, religiously fanatic and quite unintelligent attitude. In any event the tax on airlines for carbon dioxide emissions was doomed to failure after the US, China and India expressed their clear opposition and banned their airlines from complying with the arrogant and grandiose EU directive. To save some face for the EU it’s so-called Climate Commissioner,  Connie Hedegaard, (a modern day King Canute) has only suspended the measure for one year but I see no possibility of it ever coming back in the foreseeable future. She does tend to see herself as a pious knight in shining armour holding back the evil forces of climate change but she would be better occupied in tilting against the plague of windmills disfiguring most of Europe.


The European Union has agreed to suspend its rules that require airlines flying to and from airports in the EU to pay for their carbon emissions. The rules had been unpopular with countries outside Europe such as the US, China and India.

Climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard said she had proposed “stopping the clock for one year”.

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