Death image in the snow

The imprint is angelic in the pristine snow but it reflects the lost quest for survival for the one and survival assured for a few more days for another.  Just the death of a squirrel and a meal for an owl but a striking image.

A natural and extraordinary rendition!

The Wingprint

Angel of Death : image Gavin Murphy

Kyle Hill posts: We have to assume it was a squirrel, but we know how it died. It died squirming and convulsing in the talons of an owl, locked in by the bone ratchets the owl shares with other raptors. Based on what was left behind, we also know that the attacker was likely a Great Horned Owl or a Northern Hawk Owl with a wingspan between 86 and 87 centimeters. All of this we can glean from a striking impression of a deadly strike.


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