Julia Gillard preparing for retirement?

The polls suggest that Julia Gillard has little chance at the September (latest November) elections and it would seem that she is preparing for the inevitable.

But Julia as a Madame Defarge like a tricoteuse at her own political “execution” is probably too fanciful.

The Guardian: Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, has whipped up a storm after appearing in the Australian Women’s Weekly knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby.

The photoshoot depicts the prime minister in an armchair, surrounded by balls of wool, with her dog Reuben at her feet.

The pictures have sparked controversy in parts of the Australian media, who have called it “contrived” and “remarkable”. Commentators have pointed out that Gillard has traditionally rejected feminine presentations

Julia Gillard Women's Weekly

Julia Gillard  – Tricoteuse? – Women’s Weekly via The Guardian

It could be that she’s looking for a suitable Royal Honour once she leaves Office. Dame Julia? or maybe she’s just knitting for the coming demise of the Carbon Tax?

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