What’s in an “e”? Berkley vs. Berkeley

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Everyone knows that Berkley is an excellent university in the United States. Or was that Berkeley? Whatever, if someone is sporting a degree that looks impressive, it must be from that place. 

Except when it is not.

It has come to light, as the Swiss daily paper Tages-Anzeiger noted on 9 August 2013, that the IT-boss at the University Hospital in Zürich has stepped down because of a missing ‘e’. The University of California, Berkeley, is indeed one of the top universities in the US. But it did not grant a doctoral degree to Jürgen Müller. Müller had been working on his doctorate at the University of Passau in Germany when his financing ran out.

Müller then heard about the University of Berkley, and for only $ 3000 in fees he was soon the proud owner of a sheepskin declaring him to be a “Doctor of Science”, according to the Tages-Anzeiger


…. The Tages-Anzeiger article ends with an interesting note. It seems that in March of 2013 a whistleblower tried to contact Müller’s boss about his purchased degree. Müller, as IT boss, apparently had this person on a blacklist, so that emails from him did not bounce, but were just silently destroyed. 

I suppose the University Hospital in Zürich is glad that he has resigned. The question is, where will he pop up again where people don’t know the difference one letter can make?

The University of Berkley’s rates for purchasing degrees are below. It’s best to buy your Master’s and Doctor’s degrees together and in advance!!

Buying your Berkley degree

Buying your Berkley degree

The University of Berkley is a diploma mill and the subject of many scam reports and warnings such as this one:

University of Berkley Distance Learning Accreditation Report

CAUTION: You should be aware… this college is NOT ACCREDITED by any agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or the US Department of Education to award degrees.
Distance learning accreditation claims include:

  • New Accrediting Partnership for Educators Worldwide (NAPEW)

You should be aware that this agency is NOT RECOGNIZED by the Council on Higher Education or the US Department of Education as a college accreditation institution. What does this mean? For you, as a consumer, this means credentials earned at this college might not meet with wide acceptance at other CHEA-accredited online colleges and might not meet with academic or employment acceptance across the USA. You should be aware that in some states and for some professions it may be illegal to use a degree from an non accredited school for employment purposes.

CAUTION: the following State Warnings apply to this online college

  • Michigan State Warning: CAUTION! The State of Michigan classifies this online college as an UNACCEPTABLE INSTITUTION for credentialing for those seeking jobs in the State’s Department of Civil Service: (Consult Michigan’s NON ACCREDITED COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES – “Degrees from these institutions will not be accepted by the Department of Civil Service as satisfying any educational requirements indicated on job specifications”:  http://www.michigan.gov/documents/Non-accreditedSchools_78090_7.pdf)
  • Texas State Warning: CAUTION! The State of Texas classifies this online college as an ILLEGAL SUPPLIER of educational credentials in the State of Texas (Consult: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Institutions Whose Degrees are Illegal to Use in Texas:  http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/AAR/PrivateInstitutions/NoTX.cfm)

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