Move over Nessie! Make way for the Heat Monster in the deep oceans

Heat Monster of the Deep

Heat Monster of the Deep (Artist’s impression because it has never been seen)

Global warming has stalled. Global temperatures have been static and may have declined slightly over the last 17-18 years.

Antarctic ice extent is higher than it has been for many years.

Arctic ice extent has just reached its annual minimum and has grown by about 70% from last year’s low.

Polar bears are thriving. Sea levels are increasing ever so slightly and are matching the expected levels for the recovery from the last ice age. The oceans are not getting very acidic (and remain alkaline). Harvests are higher than they have ever been before. The world is feeding more people than ever before. The developing world is crying out for available and affordable energy.

Global warming has gone negative.

But Global Warmists, the IPCC and the policy makers who have been duped for the last 2 decades are in a state of complete denial.

The Guardian (who else?):

“The heat is still coming in, but it appears to have gone into the deep ocean and, frustratingly, we do not have the instruments to measure there,” said Professor Ted Shepherd of Reading University. “Global warming has certainly not gone away.”

How very scientific!

We know the warming is there because our models must be correct. We can’t see it, we can’t measure it and we don’t know how it got to the deep ocean from the surface but we are sure it’s there!!!!!! The Heat Monster of the Deep ate it.

We seem to have entered a cooling cycle – courtesy of the Sun – and settled climate science is reducing to inventing new monsters of the deep. We may even be entering a new Little Ice Age but the policy makers are continuing with useless measures to restrict carbon dioxide emissions which seem to have little impact – if any – on our climate cycles.

Move over Nessie!

The Heat Monster of the Deep is here. It comes to the surface every so often and swallows the heat and dives straight down to to the deep ocean.

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