After fleecing the taxpayer, Tim Flannery is now set to fleece the public

Tim Flannery who has just been sacked by the Tony Abbot government from his position at the Climate Change Commission, is another self-proclaimed “climate expert” and general doom-monger. Not so very different from Pachauri.

He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at La Trobe University in 1977, and then took a change of direction to complete a Master of Science degree in Earth Science at Monash University in 1981. He then left Melbourne for Sydney, enjoying its subtropical climate and species diversity. In 1984, Flannery earned a doctorate at the University of New South Wales in Palaeontology for his work on the evolution of macropods (kangaroos)

But he is not taking his ignominious sacking lying down. Instead of donning sack-cloth and ashes and doing penance to seek absolution for his many sins, he finds that he needs to generate some income to keep himself in the style he is accustomed to. He received an annual salary of A$ 180,000 for his 3 day week at the Climate Change Commission. He needs to replace that. He will therefore get out his begging bowl and solicit money directly from the public in “Obama style” as he calls it. I’m not sure precisely what that means other than many small contributions from many small pockets to make a large sum for his large pocket!

A parasitic existence sucking money from small contributors without actually producing anything of real value to anyone except himself!

Flannery is one of those who deny the global warming hiatus. His tenure in his well-paid sinecure has been characterised by a closed and narrow mind parroting the politically correct dogma that – of course – he was appointed by Julia Gillard to do. JoNova has kept track of his silliness during his reign.


An Australian climate change body scrapped by the new government has been relaunched as a non-profit organisation reliant on public donations.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott axed the Climate Commission, set up by the previous government, last week.

But the group resurrected itself as the Climate Council, saying it hoped “Obama-style” public donations raised online would keep it open

Australia is the developed world’s worst polluter per head of population.

The Climate Commission was set up to provide “an independent and reliable source of information about the science of climate change” under former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Speaking at Tuesday’s launch, scientist Tim Flannery, who headed up the Climate Commission, said: “We are raising money Obama-style in small donations online from the public.”

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