Suarez – 3 bites and time to pull his teeth

A dog which bit 3 times would most likely be put down.

After having attacked Branislav Ivanovic and Otman Bakkal in the past, Luis Suarez was at it again at yesterdays World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy. This time he managed to sink his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder.

Time to put him down. Or only be allowed to play after a long suspension provided he has all his teeth pulled and plays with an empty mouth.

Luis Suarez - 3 bites and out

Luis Suarez – 3 bites and out

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2 Responses to “Suarez – 3 bites and time to pull his teeth”

  1. Haward Says:

    I would make him wear a muzzle on the field. Footballers are so vain that this itself would be a major punishment. But I saw that there was a lot of betting on Suarez biting someone during the competition and he obliged almost at the end of the group stage.

  2. ktwop Says:

    The pictures of Suarez as a vampire or in a muzzle are already flooding the net.

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