ADHD or just bad parenting?

We are on a trip and staying at a hotel known for being very “child-friendly”.

I have forgotten how boisterous our kids were when they were 8-10 years old. But the disruption caused by a few kids at breakfast today got me wondering where the line between “letting children be children” and the responsibility of parents lies. It does seem to me that claiming that a child has ADHD is too often used as an excuse for bad parenting.

If ADHD is a “disease” – and I am not convinced that it is – then it is either due to genetics or it is inculcated after birth by the quality of nurture provided or by both. Whether nature or nurture it is caused by the parents. If ADHD is not a disease but merely “learned” behaviour – or more likely “untaught” behaviour- then it is the quality  of parenting which comes into question.  It is only if it is a purely genetic disease, where nurture plays no part, and parents can no longer have any influence that it makes sense to try and medicate the condition away.

Maybe I am just too suspicious about the pharmaceutical industry. But I remain convinced that many “diseases” are invented to find a use for compounds created by the industry. And these compounds are often the result of failed research which was seeking other solutions. Marketing strategy 101 is all about finding the question for which you have an available answer.

But for the two rowdy, noisy, clumsy, messy kids at breakfast today, It was just simple bad parenting which was letting their kids down!!

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  1. emeraldmoon2001 Says:

    I have to agree with the idea that ADHD is just a scapegoat for the real problem. I have a very busy, spirited, curious, intelligent 17 month old son. His Mee-Maw suggested a couple of weeks ago that he might have ADHD because he was just so busy and didn’t focus on one task at a time. I was appalled. ADHD is an excuse not to parent, discipline, and teach children. If your child is hyperactive, maybe you should pay more attention to him/her. If they have trouble focusing, maybe they need a creative outlet for whatever is so fantastically distracting in their brain. There are plenty of ways to address the problem that don’t include throwing pills at the problem and hoping it goes away. I’m glad I’m not alone in my thoughts on this subject.

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