Which idiot organisation declared MH17’s flight path as “safe”?

It now looks like it was a surface-to-air missile (of Russian make) which downed MH17 and killed 298 (not 295) people. The missile was probably launched by a pro-Russian, Cossack, separatist group in eastern Ukraine though this claim is made by the Ukrainian Security service – for whatever that is worth. It was certainly not a hand-held missile which cannot reach such altitudes.

The questions I have are:

  1. Which idiot organisation in such a war-zone, where unknown and unaccountable separatists were known to be in possession of missiles, declared the air space as “unrestricted” and therefore safe? “Malaysia Airlines said on Friday the flight route taken by the MH17 airliner that came down in Ukraine had been declared safe by the UN aviation arm, the International Civil Aviation Organisation. It also said the International Air Transportation Association “had stated that the airspace the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions”.
  2. Why was MH17 flying south of its filed route and closer to the “war-zone” than planned?, and
  3. What were the Russians doing in allowing the separatists access to such missiles? Like giving a loaded gun to a chimpanzee.
MH17 Ukraine flight path Guardian - Flight Radar 24

MH17 Ukraine flight path Guardian – Flight Radar 24

Ukrainian air space was emptied out very quickly yesterday after the shooting down of MH17.


ukraine airspace

Ukrainian airspace after MH17 was shot down image Newsweek


3 Responses to “Which idiot organisation declared MH17’s flight path as “safe”?”

  1. bts845 Says:

    Excuse me, but a storm forced the northern flight route. Did you research the weather? Jesus, u are a nut.

    • ktwop Says:

      Good to know.
      Jesus was a nut and the plane could survive a war zone and missiles better than it could survive weather.

  2. fnmyalgia Says:

    Turns out that the IFF radar squark was no better protection than a painted Red Cross would have been. Once the psychopath with itchy trigger finger is found, surely we have to start asking the USS Vincennes question again: are the armament manufacturers responsible – for selling weapons which disregard the cries of ‘innocents onboard’ from civilian aircraft?

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