Oh Dear! Celebrities whinge at release of naked pictures

I am concerned that iCloud can be hacked – but only because my assessment of their security was clearly wrong. I’ll just have to give iCloud a lower rating for security than I have done.

But I cannot share the indignation of the celebrity “victims” at having their naked pictures publicised  and their “plight” leaves me largely unmoved.

The hackers may be despicable but those who upload naked pictures of themselves (or other compromising material) into the Cloud are just plain stupid. In fact I feel sure that the act in itself is some subconscious (or perhaps conscious) craving for the pictures to be leaked and for the resulting publicity. Stupid people can also be victims but my sympathy for stupidity is very heavily tempered.

What is much more upsetting is that I haven’t seen any of these pictures yet (but I shall not be spending any time looking for them either).

Ricky Gervais got it right first time.

Apparently he has now back-tracked somewhat in response to protest but I only think the less of him for that.

The comedian was criticised after posting this message on Twitter - blaming celebrities for taking the photos and storing them on their computers in the first place 

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