Global warming (what else?) caused ISIS, spread Ebola and will change male-female ratio!

Global warming – which has now been absent for 18 years – has been blamed for many things. In fact projects – in any field – which have managed to claim a possible link with global warming have had a much greater probability of being funded. Now global warming is blamed for the rise of ISIS, the spread of Ebola and even for altering the male-female ratio among humans.



In just the last few days these articles have appeared and pass for serious commentary in supposedly serious media!

  1. Charles B. Strozier and Kelly A. Berkell, How Climate Change Helped ISIS
  2. Elijah Wolfson, Ebola and Climate Change: Are Humans Responsible for the Severity of the Current Outbreak?

  3. Rachael Rettner, Climate Change Could Alter the Human Male-Female Ratio

Not only are global temperatures not increasing (and maybe decreasing), but there is no linkage between observed “extreme” weather and global warming.

Climate Depot:

Hurricanes: 3,264 Days Without a Major (Cat 3 +) Hurricane Strike – ‘Nearly 9 years…the last being Wilma in October, 2005′

Tornadoes:U.S. Tornado Count Plummeting to Record Low Levels Three Consecutive Years

Droughts:New Research Confirms Human CO2 Not Causing A Global Drought Increase – ‘Droughts in the U.S. are more frequent and more intense during COLDER periods’

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