Noted in passing 5th October 2014


Walking on Water Photo and caption by Dave Kan from NG 2014 photo contest

A French court has given a man leave to marry his former stepmother. His father attended the wedding. It is not clear whether the French law prohibiting such marriages is an ass or whether the court is an ass or whether this is a triumph for common sense. He is 45, she is 48. The father’s age is not reported.

Desperate environmental “scientists” at Oxford are developing a “fast-track model” to prove that global warming is responsible for any extreme weather event within 3 days of that event. It seems that the scientific method has been abandoned and faith is put in yet another model where the premise is false and with a built in confirmation bias in the result.

The minority Red/Green coalition government in Sweden has announced its new ministers. The Greens have 6 of 24 ministers (2 junior ministers) including the portfolios for Climate and Environment, Housing, Foreign Aid and Education. Many of the names are sops to youth and a little dubious. I can hope that the Greens will not do much damage. Prime Minister Lofven started by announcing hat Sweden would recognise Palestine and upset the US and Israel.

Baby Doc Duvalier passed away. He was only a shadow of his father, Papa Doc, but he was not a nice man either.

The US saw its first Ebola case on its own shores and the patient is in a critical state.

ISIS continues on its murderous way and now has the support of the Pakistan Taliban. ISIS can be compared to an Ebola like virus. But I think it is a virus that is infecting the body of Islam and it is moderate Islam which – in the first instance – has to fight the disease.

The WWF has long been infiltrated and corrupted by the far left and has provided a safe haven for those left ideologically homeless after the Fall of Communism. Now the far, far left is criticising the WWF for being too close to capitalist forces.

The Ozone problem which never did exist was said to be healing. The Ozone hype and the funding elicited is yet another example, like Y2K  and Global Warming/Climate Change/ Extreme events, where a non-existent problem is blown out of all proportion. The problem then gradually “disappears” some time later.

“Is it toast if its not toasted?” Oh to be a socialite.

China tries to change Islam and find a way to manage their Muslim population with female Imams.



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