An anti-Obama wave

The results so far seem to apply nationwide and are as clear a “wave” as there can be.

My perception is of an overwhelming urge to vote against Barack Obama first and “for” somebody or something else second. Democratic voters just stayed away. The low voter turnout (c. 38%) is further evidence that it is disillusion with Obama which predominates.

A Red Wave then across the Senate, the House and among Governors. (In most other parts of the world red is the colour of the left and blue the colour of free-market conservatism).

Obama has 2 years left to go and though he has not achieved very much over the last 6 years, even with a Democratic Senate, he will now be reduced to bypassing Congress and issuing Presidential decrees. Increasingly he is going to be irrelevant.

But most likely he will continue his preferred course of “academic inaction”, but even inaction – as we have seen – can do a great deal of damage.



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