Indian President’s State Visit to Sweden receives attention finally (for an accident at a roundabout)

This is a remarkably unremarkable State Visit.

On the last day of the President’s visit to Sweden, he finally got some attention. I’m glad that apparently nobody was seriously injured – though this has till to be confirmed. But I do question how a Presidential convoy, supposedly with a police escort, came to be involved in an accident. Two cars of the motorcade are said to have collided with two other vehicles. Apparently six were injured and two had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

There is a whiff of either bad planning or some incompetence in the air. The host nation is, of course, responsible for the well being of a visiting Head of State. The visit has been largely soporific and perhaps the general lethargy infected the car drivers as well.

It now seems that all 4 cars in the collision were from within the motorcade itself! They were the last 4 cars of the 15 car motorcade. Nine people were injured but there were no serious injuries.

How frightful! How embarrassing!

It looks like somebody braked pretty hard and a multiple shunt occurred. Some of the cars look like complete write-offs. I wonder if the air-bags were activated? Or perhaps they were made by Takata?


via Dagens Nyheter Foto:Allover



Swedish Radio:

At least four people have been injured when four cars in the Indian president’s motorcade drove into Uppsala and crashed in a roundabout. They have been taken to hospital.

“It is not the President who is injured, but I have no information on who the injured are”, said Tommy Karlsson, duty officer at Uppsala police, to TT.

The alarm came in at 16:36. President Shri Pranab Mukherjee was coming to Uppsala University when the accident occurred. The procession included also Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, but they escaped injury according to the Royal Court.

The visit to the university went on at 1700 as planned.

How the accident happened is unclear. According to Tommy Carlsson, the police had stopped other traffic so that the procession had a free passage.

“The incident is very unusual”, he notes.



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