Swedish media pretend that Women’s World Cup starting tomorrow is the real thing

There is a certain cowardice when “fashionable feminism” ignores common sense. It is just a little sad when being “fashionable” or “politically correct” leads to the non-exercise of the intellect (which is just my euphemism for stupidity). I have a great deal of respect for those who champion the equality of behaviour and fight for ways and means to foster that. But I have little respect for the “fashionable feminists” who cannot see that the term “gender equality” is, and should be, all about behaviour and not about genetics.

The “politically correct”, “fashionably feministic”, view in Sweden is that the tournament starting tomorrow in Canada is the Football World Cup and should be called that. But of course it isn’t. It is the Women’s World Cup 2015 and nothing else. The Football World Cup is something quite different and living in a fantasy world does not alter reality. Fortunately, FIFA didn’t agree. Of course being FIFA, if there was enough money offered, they might well have changed their minds. But even if they had, they would have been wrong. The Women’s Football World Cup is not the Football World Cup but there are those in the Swedish media (here and here for example) who do not exercise their minds very greatly in their eager quest to be fashionably feministic.

Just calling it the Football World Cup will not make it so. The men’s final at Wimbledon is something quite different to the women’s final. When we speak of the Wimbledon Final, without any qualifying gender, we mean, and we understand it to mean, the Men’s Final. The Women’s Football World Cup is just that – the football world cup for women. It is not, in fact, the real thing.

If the fashionable feminists mean that the women’s tournament should not be differentiated from the men’s tournament, then there should only be one tournament. As long as there are two different tournaments then some qualifying adjective is necessary. The primary differentiating parameter for the two tournaments is actually gender. If the fashionable feminists had exercised their minds they may have realised they had a case for insisting that FIFA use the word “Men’s” to qualify the real World Cup. But demanding that the women’s tournament be allowed to drop the qualifying gender is just stupid.

The “fashionable feminists” don’t seem to realise that “gender equality” is actually about equality of behaviour and is not about genetics. And those who believe that “gender equality” is not about behaviour but is about denying gender difference, are not exercising their minds or exhibiting much intelligence. Legislating for gender equality – rather than for equality of behaviour – can not remove gender difference and does not change behaviour.

The simple fact is that the gender characteristics of humans exhibit a binodal continuum. Gender is not therefore strictly dimorphic but the two nodes are very clear and they dominate in the distribution of gender characteristics among humans.

Denying the difference does not make it go away. For real “gender equality” everybody would have to lie in the transgender region.

TV 4 (which is planning to cover the tournament with a lot of women’s commercials interspersed with some women’s football) and the newspaper Aftonbladet (red/green in politics and very fashionably feministic) are outraged.

Aftonbladet: TV4 planned to refer to this summer’s World  Championships in Canada as the “FIFA World Cup”.
But Fifa has stopped the channel from doing so.
According to TV4 host Patrick Ekwall, FIFA has ordered that the tournament must be called “the FIFA Women’s World Cup” in the channel’s broadcasts.

As I have noted before:

A politically correct young lady from Sweden,

Insisted on being referred to as a “hen”,

She objected strenuously to “she”,

and quite violently to “he”,

Which caused consternation among her young men.



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