The Trump effect: Even the Pope switches to English for his greetings to the US

Pope Francis is going out of his way to be a populist Pope. It makes him seem – in my perception – to have few convictions which cannot be overturned to suit perceived public opinion. The Pope will soon move on from Cuba to the US for a 3 day visit. He has sent a video greeting to the US and it seems he has been listening to Trump. He has recorded the video in English though most of his speeches in the US are expected to be in Spanish.

Now if only some of his audience would use English a little more.

“I look forward to greeting the pilgrims and the people of Philadelphia when I come for the World Meeting of Families,” Francis said in a video shared Sunday by Archbishop James Chaput of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. “I will be there because you will be there! See you in Philadelphia!”

Catholics unlike socialists, atheists and Muslims are acceptable as Presidential candidates across all sections of US society.

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