Now Hillary Clinton reaches for “average” as 5′ 5″ morphs to 5′ 7″

Hillary getting neck strain — Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton is still growing.

Back in 2008, she was 5’5″ tall. But she has now reached 5’7″ according to most media and internet sources and, above all, Google. Her campaign has released some of her medical records but is silent about her height. Questions about her height are not answered.

But observe that Carly Fiorina – the only other female contesting the Presidency – comes in at 5’6″ (in heels).

Jay Matthews in the Washington Post:

…. The candidate appears to be getting taller….. When the then-senator first ran for president in 2008, she was only 5-foot-5. I got this official height report from the Clinton campaign and published it in my 2008 Style story Is Voting a Measured Decision?,

But now something has happened

I used to be the only person writing about this. But lately several publications, perhaps influenced by my work, have begun to seek the same data. You can find their height reports all over the Internet.

They all say that Clinton is 5 feet 7 inches tall. ……

Now, who is that saying she’s 5-foot-7 again?

Well, U.S. News, Politico and, and of course the venerable, and even my colleagues on The Washington Post political blogs . Most of these outlets, though, cite one or the other as the source of Clinton’s stature, if they cite anyone at all. Silent on the topic, however, is the Clinton 2016 campaign operation, which appears not to have shared her height recently with any reporters; nor did it respond to my queries.

Which means that the reigning authority on the subject of the Democratic front-runner’s height is that ever-present oracle in our lives: Google.

Ask the search engine for yourself — “how tall is Hillary Clinton?” or simply “hillary clinton height” — and Google will neither hesitate nor hedge by sending you to another Web site. Up pops its confident answer: 5’7’’.

James Madison was the 4th President and he was only 5’4″. Martin Van Buren (8th) and Benjamin Harrison (23rd) were 5’6″. William McKinley (25th) and John Adams (2nd) were all of 5’7″ tall. John Quincy Adams (6th) topped them at 5′ 7 12 ” and he was clearly very proud of his extra half inch.

So, 5’5″ should be nothing to be so ashamed of. Queen Victoria was only 5′ tall. Queen Elizabeth I was between 5’3″ and 5’5″. And Carly Fiorina with heels is at 5’6″.

It is all, I suppose, a matter of desired image. At 5’5″, Hillary Clinton could even have been considered “petite” and would have qualified to be a “pocket-dynamo”. At 5’7″, she can’t use those terms. But 5’7″ is also insufficient to be considered “tall” or “imposing” or “statuesque”.

But 5’7″ (in heels) could bring her up to “average”.



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