In feministic Sweden, being unfaithful is considered justifiable provocation for a husband’s violence


I wouldn’t have expected this decision in “feministic” Sweden. It was just two days ago that the Swedish Prime Minister caused his audience to cringe in New York

“Hello Central Park, hello New York,” he said. “I am proud to lead the first feminist government in the world. We may live in a cold country, but our hearts are big.” – The Local

According to Göteborgs-Posten:

A police officer who beat his then wife gets to keep his job even though he has been convicted of assault, reported several media. According to Expressen the judgement states that the “violent event was preceded by a provocation in that the complainant had been unfaithful.”
In April, the man, who lives in West Sweden, beat his his wife with a clenched fist in front of the couple’s two minor children. Since the assault was classified as “minor” he gets to keep his job, which he would not have been allowed to do if the assault was “normal”.

Provocation clearly can justify a crime. Presumably if a husband murders his wife in a fit of rage because she has been unfaithful, it would be just a “minor” murder.


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