Go Norrköping! Crunch day today for IFK

It is the last day of the 2015 football season in Sweden.

It could be IFK Norrköping’s day and my local team could win the Allsvenskan title again after a gap of 26 years. It has been 30 years since I watched my first home match at Norrköping and I have been supporting them – off and on, and sometimes from very far away – ever since then.


  1. They are playing Malmö away and need a win to be absolutely sure of winning the title.
  2. If Norrköping draw, then they need second placed Göteborg to draw or lose at home to Kalmar.
  3. If Norrköping lose then they need that Göteborg also lose. A draw  would then be enough for Göteborg to snatch the title on goal difference.
  4. If both Norrköping and Göteborg lose today, third placed AIK has a theoretical – buit infinitesimal – chance of winning the title. If they win against Örebro away today, they still need a sufficiently large goal difference, large enough to overcome the 5 goal difference they are behind before todays matches.

IFK Norrköping have so far scored more goals than any other team (58). But Göteborg have let in fewer goals – by a large margin – than any other team (20). The simple conclusion would be that Norrköping have had the most successful attack and Göteborg the most successful defence this season.

For the good of attacking football, Norrköping ought to win.

IFK table

Go Norrköping.

UPDATE! Norrköping won 2-0, Göteborg drew and Norrköping are the champions.




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