A Catholic Imam?

Idiots come in all shapes and all religions.

I suppose the only real long term solution is to ensure they don’t breed.

Church and State:

Catholic Archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women ‘not obeying men’

An archbishop caused fury in Spain by saying domestic violence happens because “women do not obey men”. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toledo, Braulio Rodriguez, told his congregation that wives could avoid being hit by doing what they are told.

Women could also escape being physically abused by not asking their husbands for a divorce , Rodriguez said. He told churchgoers in his sermon: “The majority of cases of domestic violence happen because the woman’s partner does not accept them, or rejects them for not accepting their demands. … Or often the macho reaction comes about because she asked for a separation.”

He also said many relationship problems occurred because the couple were not in a ‘true marriage’, and he criticised the practice of ‘quickie divorces’. He said: “I don’t think our political leaders are worried about divorce figures when they have fought so hard to implement the so-called quick divorce.”

He made the comments during a mass held in Toledo Cathedral on December 27, and they were later published in the Our Father parish bulletin.

Perhaps the Archbishop could have expressed the obvious corollary that “all domestic violence would cease if only all men obeyed their women at all times”  but that would not have been quite macho enough.


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