Swedish media in denial after being called out for concealing facts about immigrants

It is always amusing when the sanctimonious get their comeuppance.

The mainstream, politically correct, Swedish media are flailing about protesting their innocence after being accused by two political heavyweights that they have been concealing the true picture about immigrants and asylum seekers. But even if they are fooling themselves, they are not fooling anybody else.

I have observed for many years the lengths to which Swedish media will go to conceal anything that is politically incorrect. It applies not only to the criminality of some immigrants but also to the gods of multiculturalism and alarmism and ecofascism. I perceive the journalist corps as being dominated by the intolerant left. There are some very good writers among them, but they are, almost to a man, political cowards. They are usually very good fact checkers and they do not – usually – make up facts. (They do however “spin” facts to fit into politically correct memes). Their cowardice takes the form mainly of omission. Their fears of being labelled racist have led to the non-reporting – if not active concealment – of any facts about immigrants which might be considered derogatory.

The mainstream media have not created the far-right, anti-immigrant websites (Avpixlat for example), but their concealment of the facts has certainly driven people to such sites looking for information that they know is being withheld by the msm.

An article in Dagens Nyheter by Ulf Adelsohn (former leader of the Moderate party) and his wife, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (former Minister of Culture) has set the cat among the pigeons. They accused the media of concealing facts about immigration. And the pigeons are soiling themselves in the rush to deny their cowardice and their biases.

The Swedish media is extremely self-righteous with an unhealthy conviction about its own virtue. But the media is one of the most politically correct groups I have ever experienced. They are also fairly cowardly when it comes to challenging political correctness. Swedish Television and Swedish Radio are by far the worst. But DN, Aftonbladet, SvD and Expressen – in that order – are not much better.

And it is entertaining to see them squirm.



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