Kaplan in deep s**t as film emerges of him equating Israelis to the Nazis

UPDATE 2: Well, he resigned.

But the Green Party have not distanced themselves from him. He remains in parliament and in the Party. Their “principles” are fundamentally compromised.

The Prime Minister reacted very late and not very decisively. He too refrained from condemning Kaplan’s thoughtless language and his hobnobbing with extremists.


UPDATE to previous post on Green Party and antisemitism:

Today Sunday 17th April, SvD reported that Kaplan has been caught on film from 2009 on Somali Star TV where he equates the Nazi treatment of Jews in the 1930s to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

His position is untenable and he will have to go.

He does not have any good options left.

  1. He can resign as Minister and from parliament and resign from the Green party — this is the best outcome for the Greens who will still be tarred by the anti-semitism brush.
  2. He can resign as Minister and remain in Parliament as a Green representative – which will only prove the Green indecisiveness and their unsuitability for government.
  3. He can be sacked by Stefan Löfven which will win Löfven some brownie points.

M Kaplan

The critical thing is that both the Greens and the Social Democrats need to distance themselves – fast – from Kaplan. The longer the Greens remain supporting him the greater the hit they will take. The longer Löfven does not speak out publicly against Kaplan the more indecisive and weak he will appear. The Greens and the Social Democrats have to wake up to the fact that the damage has already been done. Now it is how good they are at damage control which is the question.

But Mehmet Kaplan is toast.

Good riddance (one, because he is an apologist for islamist extremism; two, because he is apparently incompetent: three, because he is a token of multiculturalism with the Greens; and four, because he is a Green).




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