Hillary Clinton’s tweeter doesn’t understand Venn diagrams

I don’t suppose Hillary Clinton does it herself. I am sure she has a small army of bright young tweeters to help her engage socially.

This is the meaningless (to be kind – but incredibly stupid to be accurate) Venn diagram she tweeted about gun control.

clinton tweet

clinton tweet

The US has a population of 324 million (April 2016) and an adult population of about 240 million. Only about 160 million are registered to vote. Perhaps about 120 million will vote in the November election. So the next President will be elected with about 60 million votes (less than 20% of the population he or she will represent).

Surely the US could have produced two better candidates then Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


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  1. Pete Says:

    With a “nomination’ process set up the way it is what more could one expect? Would-a could-a should-a if nominees were elected by actual vote and no political advertising were allowed and the media must report only the factual truth…. both parties would have different nominees.

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