Seine peaks at under 1982 level (and less than in 1955, 1945, 1924 and 1910)

The politically correct – but imbecilic – view has been that the Paris flood levels are due to climate change.

The Seine peaked last night having reached a height of 6,1 m.

It reached 5.2 m in 2000, 6.13 m in 1982, 7.12 m in 1955, 6.85 m in 1945, 7.32 m in 1924 and 8.62 m in 1910.  In 1658 it reached 8.96m.

Clearly reaching a level of over 6 m is not that unusual and happens regularly and with a frequency of roughly 3 – 4 times a century.

The Zouave statue at the Pont de Alma is often used to illustrate the river level. Note that the statue has been raised and in 1974 was 60 cm higher than in 1856.

But 6.1 m in 2016 is well above the “alert” level but it is almost 3 m less than has been seen before.

Paris Seine flood levels at the zouave statue Pont de alma image

Paris Seine flood levels at the Zouave statue at Pont de Alma :image

Even for a fanatic climate change believer, it seems particularly unintelligent to claim that global warming caused the 2016 Paris flooding.



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  1. Earthling Says:

    Excellent work. I’ve quoted this page for the benefit of a few climate catastrophist crusaders I have dealings with on a daily basis.

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