Whiskyland after Brexit

Whiskyland within the EU and Wengland out.

It could get really painful if whisky is going to cost as much in Wengland as in – say – Sweden!

More Scotch whiskey is consumed in a month than cognac in a year.

Scotch Whisky adds £3.3 billion directly and its total impact is to add nearly £5bn overall to UK GDP. Every £1 of value added in the industry produces another £0.52 of value in the broader economy.  The industry is the UK’s largest single food and drink sector. It accounts for 25% of the UK’s food and drink exports.

In value added Scotch Whisky is bigger than the UK’s iron/steel, textiles, shipbuilding, or computer industries; about half the size of the UK’s pharmaceuticals or aerospace industries; and one third the size of the entire UK car industry.


Wengland and Whiskyland after Brexit



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