“Multiculturalism” always gives fractured and segregated societies

It seems obvious. Multi-ethnic societies, even with well -developed sub-cultures, work very well under an over-riding common culture. In fact the over-riding common culture is dynamic and takes on parts of the various sub-cultures. But societies with parallel cultures with no over-riding common culture can only give a fractured society. It  prevents any common culture developing and inevitably gives ethnic segregation. For over 5 decades, these parallel cultures have been promoted by the liberal, social-democratic, do-gooding, misguided elite of Europe.

It is not at all surprising that the cities of Europe now have segregated and have no-go ghettos which consider themselves outside of the main society and not subject to the rules and behaviour expected in that society.

A report in the UK commissioned originally by David Cameron only emphasizes what seems obvious.


Public bodies in the UK have too often ignored or condoned divisive and harmful religious practices for fear of being labelled racist, a report says. A government-commissioned review into British social integration found ethnic segregation is growing in some places.

More emphasis should be put on British values, law and history in schools, and immigrants should take an “integration oath”, author Dame Louise Casey said. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said he will study the findings “closely”.

The year-long Casey Review into the integration of minorities was commissioned by former prime minister David Cameron as part of the government’s efforts to tackle extremism.

The report – which sets out 12 recommendations – received more than 200 submissions from think tanks, community groups and academics. Dame Louise accused the government of falling short of an ambition – set out by then Home Secretary Theresa May five years ago – to do more than any other to promote integration.

The report recommends:

  • Schools should promote British values to help build integration, tolerance, citizenship
  • More English classes for isolated groups
  • A greater mixing among young people through activities such as sport
  • New immigrants could have to swear “an oath of integration with British values and society”
  • Councils should develop a list of indicators to highlight the potential breakdown of integration
  • The government should support a new programme to help improve community cohesion

Dame Louise warned that segregation, deprivation and social exclusion in some areas of Britain have coincided with a growth in what she describes as regressive religious and cultural ideologies. …….. 

Researchers heard Muslim tribunals have made life-changing decisions with no training, leaving women and children often feeling traumatised. Mosques often give women and girls regressive advice about lifestyle and clothes, Dame Louise added. She said too few leaders have dealt with issues, suggesting some fear being labelled racist or losing support in minority communities.

It seems so obvious and yet sanctimonious, self-righteous, group-think has been the hallmark of the liberal/left elite.

I repeat here my post from 2 years ago:

A “society” – to be a society – can be multi-ethnic but not multicultural

A “culture” is both the glue that binds any society of humans and lubricates the interactions within that society. It applies as well to a family or an association or a sports club or a company or a geographic area (say a country). The culture of any sub-society – a sub-culture – must be subordinated to that of the larger society it is  – or wants to be – part of.

Of course one can have – if one wishes – many different cultures within different sub-societies in a single geographic area. But if these sub-cultures are not subordinated to a larger culture then the sub-societies cannot – because it becomes a fatal contradiction – make up any larger society. Multiculturalism dooms that geographical area to inevitably be a splintered and fractured “greater” society – if at all.

The politically correct “multiculturalism” followed in Europe in recent times has effectively preserved and maintained each ethnic group in its own cultural silo and – inanely – made a virtue out of preventing the evolution of any overriding, common culture. This has been the fundamental, “do-gooding” blunder of the socialist/liberal “democrats” all through Europe. Creating a society of the future with a common culture as the glue has been sacrificed in a quest for some imagined God of Many Cultures. For an immigrant – anywhere – how could it be more important to keep the language of his past rather than to learn the language of his future? The “do-gooders” have prioritised living in the past to creating and living in a new future.

Hence Rotherham and Bradford or Kreuzberg or Rosengård or Les Bosquets,

Multi-ethnic communities particularly need both a glue and a lubricating medium. And that has to be an overriding common – new – culture and not some mish-mash, immiscible collection of sub-cultures – each within its own silo, insulated and held separate from all others.

  1. Multi-ethnic societies are inevitable around the world.
  2. A single society has a single culture.
  3. To have many cultures in one area – which are not subordinated to a larger culture (values) – is to exclude a single society.
  4. Promoting multiculturalism is to promote the fracturing of that area into many immiscible (inevitably ethnic) societies.

Multi-ethnicity – especially – requires a mono-culture to be a society at all.

Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural is separatism and serves to ensure that a single society will never be established.



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