Obama suffering from demobilisation blues as he goes through his dead duck quacking routine

Of course Barack Obama does not have to live with the consequences of his last few weeks of hectic, rather childish and vindictive flailing around. A not untypical example of demobilisation blues.

This transition is turning out to be particularly graceless with a peevish, petulant Obama intent on “getting his own back”. His legacy, such little as it is, stands to be further tarnished by his dead duck quacking routine. It seems that Obama cannot bear to see Putin succeeding in Syria where he and Kerry so spectacularly failed. The Russian hacking – if you believe the speculation with little evidence by the US intelligence agencies – has apparently been going on for a decade. So exactly why Obama had to wait to the last gasps of his administration to act is difficult to explain as anything other than a childish desire to make trouble for his successor. I put it down to simple, vindictive s**t stirring. (It reminds me during my professional life of how we used to be rather wary of vindictive s**t stirring by unsuccessful CEO’s or project managers as they were being replaced. As a rule such exiting project managers were removed from authority as quickly as possible to avoid “graceless” transitions).

He has 3 more weeks for further s**t stirring.

The Russians reacted to his expulsion of 35 diplomats with this tweet from the Russian Embassy in the UK.



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