The many, many gods of science

Many scientists (and all atheists) deny the gods of religions. Many also deny the existence of the unknowable but then illogically also deny that omniscience is unavoidable.

(Of course omniscience is one of the requirements to be a god).

But science does assume gods – in everything but name.

Many, many gods.




3 Responses to “The many, many gods of science”

  1. Brain Warfare Says:

    You are misusing the term God by using it to describe the concerns of science and conflating them with the supreme ego. Gods all have human like egos and are anthropocentric terms. Science never characterizes gravity as a person with emotions!

    • ktwop Says:

      The humanisation of gods was not necessary for their invention. But the God of Gravity (or Space-time) is in principle no different to the God invented to explain creation.

      • Brain Warfare Says:

        There is a huge difference between attributing responsibility for creation to a human like Super Ego, than there is to attributing divinity to one of the forces of nature. Science does not imagine gravity to be godlike and independent from reality, but only as a characteristic of reality!

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