What’s best for me is my call

I dislike and have always disliked political labels. I particularly dislike being forced into the mould of a particular political party. Since I became “politically aware” in my teens I have always found that my own views are never completely encompassed within those of a single political party. Invariably I find my views straddling those of opposing parties.

It is easier sometimes to consider what I cannot – at the core of me – support. And I find that this is actually one of the fundamental values I have. All other views flow from these core values/beliefs.

I am fundamentally opposed to being coerced – under threat of force or law – by others as to

    • what I should or should not think,
    • what I should or should not say,
    • how I should or should not behave, and
    • who I should or should not support (financially or otherwise)

Advice from others is one thing (my doctor, my car mechanic, my plumber, my teachers), but I find it unacceptable for someone else to impose upon me what he/she thinks is for my own good and best for me. I find I am not prepared to compromise on retaining the ultimate judgement of what is best for me. In the classical conflict between the individual’s good versus the common good, I take the position that it is the individual’s good which is paramount. If the “common good” does not itself accommodate the individual’s good it is no longer the “common” good, but is in fact “the others’ good”. In practice, society imposes many things upon me which I accept, even if without much enthusiasm.  I do so because it creates sufficient good for me even if it is not for my best. The “sufficient good” may be no more than retaining membership of the surrounding society. But I do so in the illusion that it is my own decision. This preference for the individual inevitably pushes my views towards the right of centre of the political spectrum. I do not like my compassion to be coerced. Sanctimonious compassion is an existential threat. I find it unconscionable to be forced to support “bad people”. I do not like science by consensus. I find “fashionable” science contemptible. I find the use of “mental sickness” to excuse bad behaviour to be brainless.

I choose to pay my taxes. I choose to comply (mostly) with road speed limits. I choose to follow most societal rules which make sense. But I choose to ignore those who will tell me what I cannot think or what I cannot say or what I cannot eat. Political parties whose universal solution is to forbid some behaviour are not for me. Those which have no other solution than to get others to pay for their self-righteousness are equally anathema to me. I choose to ignore those who would tell me what I should consider good or bad. I choose to ignore those I consider stupid.

And anybody who claims to know, and wants to impose upon me, what is best for me is just stupid.



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