There’s carbon and there is organic

Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation of compounds containing carbon.

Carbon, at 4,600 ppm (by mass) is the 4th most abundant element in the Milky Way galaxy after Hydrogen, Helium and Oxygen.

The abundance of the element Carbon on Earth is not accurately known and estimates vary from 300 ppm to 1,800 ppm (by mass). 

For historical, but no good logical, reasons, some carbon-containing compounds (e.g., carbonate anion salts carbon dioxide and cyanide salts), are not classified as organic compounds.

The most abundant organic compounds on Earth are the carbohydrates, and Cellulose is the most plentiful of the carbohydrates.

Carbon is the primary component of all known life on Earth, representing approximately 45–50% of all dry biomass. 

Carbon chauvinism is the assumption that if life exists elsewhere in the Universe, it will also be carbon-based.

All fossil fuels are organic compounds containing carbon.

And then there is organic farming.



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